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3SouL is a newly born, alternative dance group bringing fresh, progressive sounds to its audience. When a Welsh producer met two Scottish musicians, this groundbreaking and unique band was formed.
"It’s all about working together to produce something authentic that we like. And I’m making music with good mates who are both very talented in their own right. It’s win, win, win.”
-Pete MacLeod
"The creative outlet that being a part of 3SouL gives me is something I genuinely enjoy and can put my all into. I hope our audience can feel the passion that goes into everything we do”
-Brandon Lee 
"Being a part of 3SouL has opened up a new chapter in music for me. I've always wanted to be part of something as creative and have really enjoyed the production process. Bringing all the work we've done in the studio to a live stage will be very exciting. Long may it continue."